Asian Air Safari


Imagine absolute freedom of travel. Asian Air Safari will provide you with comfortable, safe and efficient aircraft for you own use-be it for personal or business. We will arrange a private jet that will take you anywhere you wish in a fraction of the time. No need to worry about delayed flights, cramped airports, and security. Asian Air Safari can fly you from Manila to anywhere in the Philippines and Asia.

If you’ve chartered flights before and know what aircraft you need, you can choose directly from our roster of luxurious aircraft. Within an environment of privacy, our professional team is ready to be of service. Not only can we plan your actual flight, but we can also transport you to your final destination by limousine or helicopter and arrange a booking at a luxury hotel. 


Our charter and brokerage department will arrange private flights anywhere in the world for you. Do you need to take off for a meeting in Singapore in a couple of hours or do you want to get to a beach in Bali in without any stopovers? Our consultants will recommend a suitable type of aircraft that will be the optimal choice for your journey. We are capable of offering you a variety of aircrafts that can range to a limit of 14 passengers.

Interested with our service? Send us a message and we’ll contact you regarding the appropriate aircraft for your needs.


The difference is you are part of the flying. The adventure starts the minute you ride the aircraft. You are so close to the cockpit you will feel that you are almost flying the airplane. But you’ll have to serve yourself for meals and refreshment.

We always fly direct to destination. No security checks and waiting in airports. It’s a unique experience of flight and being part of the crew. Moreover, lower altitude flying makes it perfect for sight seeing.

  • Choose your destination
  • Determine number of passengers
  • Agree on time table
  • Discuss charges
  • Payment
  • We book reservations in hotels and restaurants
  • We take off!! Don’t forget your passports! (you’ll have to secure all required visas and other documentation)