SO.14 EP.6

Norway | The Island built by fish

SO.14 EP.5

Sweden | From the Archipelago to the Laplands

SO.12 EP.10

Gothenburg | West Sweden’s Rugged Coast
Norway | Oslo : A Maiden Voyage
Gothenburg | West Coast Bound, Sweden’s Second City
Sweden | Stockholm and Beyond


SO.14 EP.4

Italy : Amalfi | Italy Part II : ” Colorful Town of Amalfi Coast “

SO.14 EP.3

Italy | Part I : “In the Footsteps of a Genius”

SO.12 EP.8

Italy : Tuscany | A Legacy Preserved

SO.11 EP.11

France : Paris, Brittany | From the City of Lights to Celtic Delights

SO.11 EP.10

Portugal : Lisbon | Home of the Great Explorers

SO.11 EP.9

Spain : Toledo | Spain Part 2: A Quest Back in Time

SO.11 EP.8

Spain : Madrid | Spain Part 1: A Shared Heritage

SO.9 EP.10

Italy : Lombardy, Milan | Autumn in Lombardy
Italy : Northern Italy Part II | A Venetian Adventure
Italy: Northern Italy Part I | A Taste of Veneto
France : Paris | A Feast for the Senses

SO.2 EP.10

Italy | From Delightful Treats to Sweet Reunions


SO.10 EP.7

Germany – Austria | Germany & Austria: Flying with Legends

SO.10 EP.6

Germany | Southern Germany: Mysteries of the Black Forest

SO.9 EP.11

Switzerland, Germany | Switzerland’s Storybook Cities
Netherlands | Rulers of the Wind
Belgium | Ghent & Antwerp
Belgium : Brussels | The Gateway to Europe: Brussels

SO.2 EP.12

Switzerland | From Quaint Town Delights to Hot Air Balloon Flights

SO.2 EP.11

Germany | From Therapeutic Vibes to White Knuckle Rides


SO.12 EP.11

England | British Wings and Wheels
Northern Ireland Part II | Mythical Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland Part 1 | Sailing to Northern Ireland
Scotland : Edinburgh, East Fortune and Aberdeenshire | Scotland Part II : Scotland’s Ancient Cities
Scotland : Fort William, Inverness and Cairngorms | Journey to the Highlands
England : Berkshire, Hungerford and Sywell | England Part II : The English Countryside

SO.6 EP.5

England : London, Guilford and Bristol | England Part I : The Sceptered Isle


SO.10 EP.9

Turkey Part II : The Other Holy Land

SO.10 EP.8

Turkey Part I : Discovering the Turkish Riviera

SO.8 EP.12

Hungary II : Reconnecting East and the West

SO.8 EP.11

Hungary I : Reconnecting East and the West
Poland : A Different Side of the Poles
Moravia. Czech Republic Part II | Majestic Moravia
Czech Republic Part I | A Bohemian Rhapsody
Turkey : Istanbul, Ankara | Turkey Part III : Bridging the East and West
Turkey : Cappadocia Turkey Part II | The Land of the Horses
Turkey : Mardin, Urfa, Kahta | Turkey Part I : Following the Footsteps of the Old Testament


Greece, Jordan, India, Thailand
Cross Country Flight II
Dreams of Flight, Dreams of Fancy

Kansas to Athens
Cross Country Flight I
Dreams of Flight, Dreams of Fancy

SO.1 EP.9

Thailand, India, Italy, Spain, Switzerland | Cross-Country Flight