Film Production

  • Do you have an event? A fly-in or launching a new aircraft or tour service? Or maybe you have a fabulous hotel, exotic resort or restaurant you want featured. We can do this for you! For a minimal fee we can feature your airplane or airstrip to help you with promotion.

    A perfect soft-sell with a touch of adventure.

  • All Air Safari adventures are captured on film. We have a team of fun-loving and hard working production crew who jet-set Asia and the world documenting breathtaking sights not commonly seen in regular travel shows. This professional video can be added to your tour package upon request, and we highly recommend it! Bring home your adventure and let your friends and family watch your escapades with you.

  • We are a production house for documentary videos specializing in travel and aviation. Our video production activities combine aviation activities and travel in Asia. We deal with aviation as more than just a means of transport to a location but also as an integral part of the adventure of travel. We explore various types of aircraft that are involved or encountered, we visit various local aviation related activities in the areas we are visiting and we show whenever possible the beautiful scenery of the area and the magnificent terrain that is found there from an aerial perspective.

  • We involve commercial air travel, private light aircraft, executive aircraft, helicopters, ultralights, sailplanes, parasailing, parachuting and hot air balloons to try to involve the audience in the full scope of aviation activities that are available. We show the aviation community as a team of professionals and friends who do what they do more for their love of aviation instead of just as a field of employment. As a backdrop for our aviation adventures we visit various ‘off the beaten track’ areas of Asia where our viewers can experience the sights and scenery that would be unavailable in standard package tours.

Air Tour Packages

In addition to our aviation video activities we have put together various aviation tour packages in which adventurous travelers can experience first hand many of the places and activities that we have featured in our travel documentaries. Whether it is viewing local sights in a helicopter, touring the various active and inactive volcanoes of the region by air, visiting secluded beaches and resorts that can only be reached by aircraft or seaplane, or experiencing the beauty of hot air ballooning over the islands, we can provide it.

Video Support Services

During our aviation video activities we have developed a team of professional videographers, writers, editors and support staff along with the equipment to accomplish all aspects of our video requirements. We can support outside production companies who wish to do filming in Asia with video equipment, aircraft, cameramen, ground support personnel, and support assistance throughout Southeast Asia. Whether it is a requirement for underwater camera support, filming from hot air balloons, seaplanes or helicopters we can provide the equipment and personnel with first hand knowledge of Asia.

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    • 4k Format Cameras
    • HD Format Cameras
    • Underwater Camera with casing
    • Manfrotto Tripods
    • Sennheiser Microphones
    • Gimbals with Gyro
    • Lighting Equipment – including underwater lighting
    • Memory Packs
    • Editing Facilities
  • While every company is in business to make a profit and we actually try to do this when possible, we also believe we have a special mission to introduce young people to aviation and try to impart to them our love of flying. We participate whenever possible in aviation fiestas, school aviation activities and children’s summer camps at our own expense. 

  • It is our hope that we can help to introduce as many young people to aviation as possible so that they will have the desire to be our future generation of pilots and aviation professionals. If even one of our youth audience or one of the many children we fly during our charity aviation programs someday becomes a Charles Lindbergh, an Amelia Earhart or an Igor Sikorsky, all of the time, effort and money we spend on these very special activities will have been made worthwhile.