More than just a string of aviation tales - told with a mix of candor and self-deprecating humor - the 25 chapters of this book ttace Capt. Joy's growth in multiple fronts, beginning in 1977, when his aviation career began. Filled with aviation photographs collected over the span of 30 years, and chockfull of adventures and misadvetures. "Joy in the Air" is a thrilling read for aviator and non-aviators alike.


Pilot and TV Host Capt. Jose Mari "Joy" Roa of the flying-adventure program Asian Air Safari writes his first book entitled, "Joy in the Air", a first-hand accound of his one-of-a-kind life journey. Known for his travelogues and for organizing the Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, Capt. Joy has become the most visible advocate of Philippine Aviation.


On the most basic level, the narrative describes how a somewhat mischievous young man—bored and in search of direction—stumbled onto his identity after he shifted from motorcycles to airplanes.

Not wanting to be boxed in as a pilot, he grabbed charter opportunities, hunted warbirds, and gained proficiency in diverse aircraft, including hot air balloons, floatplanes, turbo props, jets, and helicopters.

This volume pauses in 2005, the year Capt. Joy turned 50 and launched the TV show, Asian Air Safari. At that point, by his own admission, he could not lay claim to financial success. His true wealth lay in friendships, networks, shared experiences, and precious lessons learned—in life, in flying, and in business.