Captain Joy

Much can be done with travelling, and we all do so for different reasons. In Asian Air Safari, it’s more than just about the travel, it’s about discovery and adventure.

Set against scenic backdrops not often dotted in regular maps, the show unveils the different ways of living life. These are tales that will spice up your senses through Captain Joy’s visits of the old and the new spots around the globe. Along with that, you get a jump-seat view of a diverse set of aircraft he gets to fly himself with treasured friends from all over the world.

“Get fat” into food culture as he looks into places where local produce and cuisines are taken in as aphrodisiacs of learning and seeing beyond the ordinary.

Speaking of being part of the show, you can even have your trip with your family, friends or company’s itinerary planned out for you by his very accommodating staff… and guess what, it gets better! If you wish, his passionate team of videographers can even film your adventures for you every step of the way!

Captain's Log 2023

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